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God's Plan for Pregnancy

God's Plan for Pregnancy outlines the powerful truths in God's Word for all areas of childbearing and how to apply them to your life. It is a fully comprehensive book designed to build your faith, and help you to overcome any fear of complication by teaching you how to pray effectively during the conception, pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. It also contains specific prayer points, and prayers for these areas. There are also testimonies from couples who applied God's Word to their lives to overcome amazing odds and have now received their personal breakthrough!

Through reading this book you too will learn the keys to breaking through in your own personal journey in every area of Childbearing.

The powerful Scriptural principles within will also help you to cross the line from barrenness and experience fruitfulness in EVERY area of your life.

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Pocket Companion

A practical guide to help you to mix God’s Word with faith and to act on what you believe, so you can see the power of God released in your life to change your natural circumstances.

Created as a companion to
God’s Plan for Pregnancy by Nerida Walker, this book has been designed as a hands-on guide for you to put God's Word into practice in your life.

Pocket Companion contains scripture references, personalised scriptural prayers and declarations and suggested prayer points which will enable you to walk by faith, overcome fear and doubt, and exercise the authority God has given you over your natural circumstances.

You will discover how to:

  • Receive healing of any reproductive sickness or disease

  • Be fruitful and multiply

  • Be victorious over miscarriage

  • Enjoy a healthy pregnancy free of sickness and disease

  • Experience the joy of childbirth without complications

  • Overcome any postnatal issues and enjoy your new baby

Designed to pop into your handbag so you can have God's Word at your fingertips, this
Pocket Companion will be an invaluable tool to enable you to cross the line from barrenness to fruitfulness in every area of life!

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CD Album

4 x CD Disc Set

1. God's Plan for Pregnancy
2. Created for Fruitfulness
3. Positively Pregnant
4. Childbirth without Fear

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DVD Album - 1

God's Plan for Pregnancy 2xDVD disc set.

1. It is Finished - so go forth be fruitful and Multiply
2. How to mix God's Word with Faith

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DVD Album - 2

God's Plan for Pregnancy 2xDVD set.

1. RESTored to Fruitfulness
2. Childbearing Redeemed

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New Life Ministries - Bringing Life to Barrenness is a Christian ministry encouraging those who need prayer, support or the knowledge of God's will in any area of childbearing. That means if you need help with overcoming infertility, pregnancy health issues, miscarriage, childbirth complications or in the postnatal period, then we're here to help you!

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